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History of the Network


This network of churches began in Bloomington, Indiana with senior leader of the network, Pastor David Woodcock.  Born in Canada, he took up a dual citizenship in America, showing his love for both nations.  He had a vision to see churches come together under a banner of unity, working together for a common goal of reaching the lost for Christ and bringing the Kingdom of God to Earth.  A recognized Apostle in both America and Canada, Pastor David has shown us what it means to be spiritual fathers/mothers and sons/daughters.  This generation needs unity now more than ever in these two great nations.  Genesis Church in Bloomington, Indiana is directly located across from Indiana University's football stadium.  For years Genesis Church has been a place for people of all ages to come, but don't be surpised by the number of young adults or visits from the football coach.  Genesis Church believes in partnering with other believers to reach into the community, schools, and work places to save the lost.  A modern model of the Church today raising sons and daughters to take on the batton of church ministry and making it relevant to an ever changing world.  



From church planting, to fellowshipping with other churches, the Genesis Network has become a safe place to learn and grow.  Every year the network puts together a conference in one of three locations, Indiana, Canada, or Rhode Island that is attended by people from around the globe.  Even China?  Yes!  Dynamic speakers with the heart of spiritual fathers/mothers are chosen to share, giving inspiration to continue in the work of spreading the gospel of Jesus and growing His Church.



Why plant a church in Rhode Island?


Rhode Island Genesis Church was the birthed vision of our own RI native, Pastor George Ellingwood.  He grew up in Scituate, graduated with a basketball scholarship, and was even a ball boy for the Celtics!  He could have continued in a career in basketball but God had other plans and he signed up for the United States Air Force and was shipped out to Japan!  There, he met our amazing co-pastor Pastor Dotty Ellingwood, a native to Indiana!  Radically saved in Japan, God brought these two through the mission field, they served in countless churches and ministries at every church they attended as Pastor George continued to serve in the military.  After 9/11 Pastor George controlled the airport tower in Bloomington, Indiana while Pastor Dotty served as the children's and women's ministry leader at Genesis Church in Bloomington, Indiana.  Pastor David and Maureen Woodcock became their spiritual parents and poured into their lives and the lives of their family.  In 2011, the whole family packed up and moved to Rhode Island to plant Genesis Church.  All they had was a vision to see the lost saved and New England revived for Jesus.  Today, people are being saved and set free at RIG.  God can take a boy from Scituate and pour years of hands on training in the trenches of ministry and bring him right back to where it all started.  That's why Rhode Island Genesis Church exists today.

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