Pastor George Ellingwood


Lead Co-Pastor

Pastor George began ministry as the youth pastor of Yokota Christian Center in Japan, while serving in the Air Force as an Air Traffic Controller in 1985.  Prior to ordination in 2009, through the Genesis Network under the leadership of Pastor Dave & Maureen Woodcock, he served in many churches as men's ministry leader.  While working as the Tower Manager of the Bloomington Airport, he trained under Pastor Dave to plant a church in Rhode Island.  Pastors George & Dotty have a heavenly commission to raise up spiritual sons and daughters throughout New England, helping to train, equip and release the "World Changers" of this and the next generations.  George is a Rhode Island native and happy to be home! 


Pastor Dotty Ellingwood

Lead Co-Pastor

Joyfully married to Pastor George with 5 children and 3 grandchildren, Pastor Dotty began ministry as a children's pastor in Japan while her husband served in the Air Force in 1985.  Prior to ordination in 2009, Pastor Dotty served in many churches as the children's pastor while moving around the country as Pastor George served in the military at different bases and airports.  She also worked as an administrative assistant at a Christian Academy.  At Genesis Church in Bloomington, IN, she led the women's ministry where she began to step out and preach more in the adult services.  Pastor Dotty now has a mother's heart for all ages.  She walks in a prophetic anointing and is a Revivalist.  She is a Holy Ghost preacher!


Pastor Nathan Ellingwood


Children's Pastor

The youngest son of Pastors George and Dotty, and born in Rhode Island, Nathan serves as the children's pastor for ages K-6th grade and one of the worship leaders at Genesis Church.  He is a graduate from the Eastern Connecticut University with a Bachelors in teaching and history.  Prior to helping his parents plant RI Genesis Church, Nathan served on the youth ministry & worship team in Bloomington Genesis Church.  Raised in the church, he has spent the past 30 years growing in ministry.  He has a heart sensitive to the Lord and carries that when leading worship.  He has been singing on worship teams since he was a kid.  His heart for children comes from his own experience of growing up in a godly home and seeing God move in all the places his parents served in ministry.   

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